Studio XO

Studio XO

XO is a London-based app-connected fashion brand for Generation Z, the 10 to 25­-year-­old consumers who love fashion, music and gaming. XO is short for exoskeleton as what you wear on the exterior to personalize, customize and express yourself. XO also refers to love and kisses in regards to the emotional connection humans have with their clothing.



Project Info:

  • Creative / Art Direction: Benjamin Males, Studio XO, Co-Founder
  • Creative / Art Direction: Nancy Tilbury, Studio XO, Co-Founder
  • Creative / Art Direction: Richard Thornn, Studio XO
  • App Creator, App Designer, Product Lead, Software, Board Member Advisor: Joey Primiani, Superfuture
  • App Engineering: Mirko Kiefer, Johannes Auer
  • Software Hardware Bluetooth LE Firmware Integration: Koji Wakayama, Kentaro Wakayama,
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